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Policy 3.10

Library Capacity Policy

Adopted Date: June 2011
Reviewed Date: June 2019
Review Date: June 2023

Purpose of the Policy

It is the wish of the West Lincoln Public Library Board that all branches have the appropriate amount of floor space, user space, furnishings, shelving, interior and exterior lighting and washroom facilities to provide adequate services to their patrons.


  • Floor Space: That the space requirements of each branch, based on local needs, is sufficient to provide both the public and the staff with adequate room to store, display and use the facilities and the collection. If existing space is determined to be inadequate, a plan shall be put in place to improve the situation.
  • User Space: That each branch has adequate seating for leisure reading, public computer access, and table space and/or study carrels for the purposes of study and consultation of library materials.
  • Shelving: That the amount of shelving at each branch is sufficient to store and display most materials without overcrowding. Shelving shall comply with current library specifications.
  • Furnishings and Activities: As determined by local needs, the library space and furnishings are arranged to provide distinct areas of the library, room for various group activities, public use of equipment, and community and cultural activities. Furnishings should follow current library guidelines. Consideration must be given to those of varying abilities, and all furnishings and spaces between them must comply with current legislation.
  • Interior Lighting: Lighting levels at all branches should be adequate for all reading surfaces.
  • Exterior Lighting: The library entrance and surrounding area at all branches should be clearly lit at night.
  • Washroom Facilities: Each branch must have conveniently located public washrooms, including those that are accessible.

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