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Friends of the West Lincoln Public Library

Organizational Mandate

There shall be established a benevolent, voluntary and charitable organization called “Friends of the West Lincoln Public Library”

Aim of the Organization

  1. The aim of the “Friends” shall be to support and improve the services and resources of the West Lincoln Public Library.

Methods of Action

  1. The “Friends” shall seek to achieve its aim through advocacy, fund raising and to obtain materials needed by the library.
  2. The “Friends” may undertake all manner of lawful activities to raise funds or to obtain materials in support of the West Lincoln Public Library.

Governance of the Organization

  1. An Executive board will govern the Friends of the West Lincoln Public Library. The members of the Executive board shall be elected from the membership at the Annual General Meeting.


  1. The “Friends” will be responsible for keeping financial records in accordance with standard bookkeeping practices.
  2. The Executive board shall manage the funds in accordance with the norms established by the Trustees Act of Ontario.
  3. The “Friends” net revenues, funds, materials or the proceeds or interest thereon may be disbursed, at the entire discretion of the Executive board, to the West Lincoln Public Library; on condition that these materials are acceptable to the Library and that they are considered by the Library and the Township of West Lincoln to be in addition to and in no way in diminution of the regular budget funds provided by the Township of West Lincoln and the Province of Ontario or by any other means.

Winding up of the Organization

  1. Should the “Friends” decide to dissolve itself, the net proceeds and net capital of the “Friends” and any other moneys or materials shall be handed over to the West Lincoln Public Library within 6 months.

Mission Statement

To support the West Lincoln Public Library through advocacy, volunteer and program support, community engagement and fundraising.

Executive Board

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • and may include other positions as required but not limited to: Community Communicator, Volunteer Coordinator, Executive at Large

Role of the Board

  • Establish the organization’s vision and direction through the mission and mandate
  • Make and monitor policy, providing assessment and control systems
  • Participate in fund development and oversee financial management
  • Ensure organization has adequate human resources to fulfill its mission and mandate
  • Ensure effective community relations
  • Conduct itself in a lawful, orderly manner, planning for succession

Duties of the Board

  • To act in good faith, honestly and loyally
  • To avoid conflict of interest
  • To be accountable for the management of the organization’s assets
  • To be aware of governmental obligations for business practices, information and privacy

Responsibilities of the Members at Large

  • Understand the organization’s mission and mandate, and to be aware of issues and trends that may affect the organization
  • Bring your own training, skills and experience to the organization
  • Participate in one or more projects or volunteer opportunities
  • Work with other members in good faith to carry out projects and tasks