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Computers & Internet

Public Computers & Internet

At the West Lincoln Library we are pleased to provide FREE access to computers and the Internet to those of all ages.

For adults, we have 13 Internet stations which also have word processing and spread sheet capabilities. Printing from public access computers will cost 15 cents per page. Public computer users may download to an approved disk.

Computer Instruction

Currently computer instruction is offered on a one to one individual basis which covers working with files and folders, instruction in basic programs and introduction to the internet. Contact the library for further details.

Please Note: Patrons with visual disabilities can enlarge print by holding down the control button and pressing the + sign button to achieve desired font size.

Internet Acceptable Use

West Lincoln Public Library is pleased to provide Internet Access. The Internet is an unregulated, worldwide environment. It contains information and opinions that range in scope from reliable and authoritative to controversial or offensive. Users should assess the validity of all information found.

West Lincoln Public Library assumes responsiblity for information contained only in the library homepage and related pages. Staff may choose to link sites that fall within the guidelines of the Library's Collection Department Policy and the Library's Mission Statement. Beyond this, the library does not monitor or control any of the information available on the Internet.

Children are entitled to access all information and facilities in the library. Children's access to the Internet and other eletronic networks is the sole responsiblity of parents and guardians.

Library Public Internet workstations do not offer news groups, Telnet or File Transfer Protocol. The patron who attempts to use the library workstations for unlawful purposes, or to install, modify, or delete software will have their library privileges revoked and may be prosecuted.

Certain copying or distribution of materials found on the Internet may infringe on the copyright laws of Canada. West Lincoln Public Library is not responsible for for such infringements.

More internet use guidelines here.
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