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Friends of the West Lincoln Public Library Bylaws

West Lincoln Public Library Board - Policy Statement:

The West Lincoln Public Library Board recognizes the existence of the Friends of the Library and acknowledges the valuable contributions to be made by this group in the areas of; advocacy, fundraising, and volunteer efforts. Library services in West Lincoln can be enhanced through the support and promotion given by the Friends of the Library. The West Lincoln Public Library Board encourages both its members and staff to work cooperatively with the Friends of the Library.


Executive Members: The organization shall be managed by an Executive Board and be composed of:

  • five to seven members
  • all with memberships in good standing

Term of Office:

Each term of office will be a 2-year term and/or until a qualified successor has been put in place.


So long as two Executive members remain in office, a vacancy on the board may be filled from among the qualified members of the organization.

Quorum for Meetings:

A quorum for the transaction of business at a duly called meeting of the Executive Board shall be 50% plus one.


Noted that a tie vote = motion denied.

Notice & Calling of Meetings:

Notice shall be communicated through agreed channels not less than five days before the meeting is to take place. The Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary or Treasurer or any two Executive members may call a meeting.

Location of Meetings:

It is agreed by all members of the Executive Board that the meetings may and should move location regularly and that Executive members must be able to travel to each of the Library locations (Smithville, Caistorville & Wellandport) in order to fulfill the mandate of the Board.


Re-election of the Executive Board:

Executive members are eligible for re-election at the end of each term.


The Executive Board can call for nominations from members at any time and as needed to fulfill positions on the board throughout varying terms. Each term is expected to run 2 years.


Any member can nominate an individual for election to the Executive Board. All those accepting positions on the Executive Board must be members in good standing.



Is open to all West Lincoln community members, 18 years of age or older.

Application for Membership:

Unless otherwise determined by the Executive Board applicants for membership shall be admitted as members in good standing upon completion of an application form, payment of a fee as prescribed by the Executive Board amended from time to time by resolution, and willingness to participate in events through attendance or volunteer.

Honorary Member:

The Executive Board may admit for life or a lesser term, without payment of any fee or assessment, as an Honorary member a person who; has made an outstanding contribution to the development of the organization or the West Lincoln Public Library, or for any other reason deemed appropriate.

Revocation of Membership:

A membership may be revoked for cause by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board.

Dues and Membership Periods:

Annual membership dues, as determined through resolution by the Executive Board, shall be owing upon application and annually moving forward. If dues are not received membership is not in place.

Members in Good Standing:

May receive discounts on events throughout the year and are invited to attend an annual meeting/event.

Annual Meeting:

Shall be held annually in the Township of West Lincoln; at a time, place and date determined by the Executive Board.

General Meeting of Members:

The Executive Board may at any time call a general meeting of members for the transaction of any business, the general nature of which will be specified in the notice calling the meeting.

Voting by Members:

Unless otherwise required by the provisions of the Executive Board, all questions proposed for consideration at a meeting of members shall be determined by a majority of the votes cast by members at the meeting. In the case of a tie vote, the Chairperson presiding at the meeting has a second or casting vote.


No remuneration shall be paid to any member or Executive member of the organization for acting as such. However, members and Executive members may be reimbursed as is reasonable for expenses incurred to carry out their duties under the direction of the Executive Board. All expenses incurred personally by any member or Executive member should be cleared by the Executive Board prior to any expenditure.


Cheques and Drafts: All cheques and drafts or order for the payment of money shall be signed by the officer and/or officers and any amount over $200 will require the prior approval of the Executive Board.

Execution of Documents: Documents requiring authorization may be signed by any two members of the Executive Board. The Board may from time to time appoint a member in good standing, acting in connection with an Executive member, to sign a document as required for a specific event or single occurrence. Additional signing authority such as this is understood to be a single occurrence.


The Executive Board shall designate, by resolution, the officers authorized to transact the banking business of the organization; to have authority set out in the resolution, unless otherwise restricted, the power to:

  • operate the accounts with the bank
  • make, sign, accept, deposit or transfer any of the money agreed upon
  • execute any agreement relating to any banking business, defining the rights and powers of the parties thereto
  • authorize any officer of the bank to facilitate the banking business on behalf of the organization


Each financial year shall begin September 1st and end August 31st.


Bylaws may be enacted, repealed, amended altered, added to or re-enacted, by resolution of the Executive Board.


No assets (material or financial) of the organization shall be given to the West Lincoln Public Library unless such assets are considered by the Library and the Township of West Lincoln to be in addition to and in no way to diminish or affect the regular budgeted funds provided to the Library by the Township of West Lincoln, and/or the Province of Ontario or any other source.


Should the organization be wound up, all the net proceeds and net capital belonging to it, shall be handed over to the West Lincoln Public Library within 6 months of the final resolution.