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West Lincoln Library New Adult Book List

Titles available February 2020
Authors Titles Library Branch
Afshar. TessaDaughter of RomeW
Barber, KathleenAre You SleepingW (LP)
Brinkley, Douglas*American MoonshotS
Brodeur, Adrienne*Wild GameW (LP)
Chambers, Cassie*Hill WomenS W (LP)
Chbosky, StephenImaginary FriendS W (LP)
Clayborn, KateLove LetteringW
Crais, RobertA Dangerous ManS
Dekker, TedThe Girl Behind the Red RopeS
East, PhilippaLittle White LiesS
Frankel, LaurieThis Is How It Always IsW (LP)
Gardner, LisaWhen You See MeC S
Gill, Nikita*Great GoddessesC
Goodwin, Debi*A Victory Garden For Trying TimesS
Gray, Charlotte*Murdered MidasS
Gundar-Goshen, AyeletThe LiarS
Hall, Judy*The Crystal CompanionS
Hand, ElizabethCurious ToysS
Harrow, Alix E.The Ten Thousand Doors of JanuaryC
Holmes, Emilie*Good and Proper TeaS
Hunter, DeniseLake SeasonS
Keane, Mary BethAsk Again, YesC
Keith, Phillip A.*All Blood Runs RedS
Kellerman, JonathanThe Museum of DesireS
Kellogg, Kathryn*101 Ways To Go Zero WasteS
Kelly, JuliaThe Whispers of WarW
Kracht, Matt*The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of North AmericaW
Lawson, Jenny*Furiously HappyS
Leav, Lang*Love Looks Pretty On YouS
Matheson, Matty*Matty MathesonS
Matzen, Rabert D.*Dutch GirlW
McCall Smith, AlexanderTo the Land Of Long Lost FriendsS
McClellan, BrianBlood Of EmpireC
McKinty, AdrianThe ChainW (LP)
Mehl, NancyMind GamesW
Miller, Chanel*Know My NameS
Moore, LizLong Bright RiverW (LP)
Morgenstern, ErinThe Starless SeaW
Newman, Lenore*Lost FeastS
Peters, GlynisThe Orphan ThiefS
Pollan, Michael*How To Change Your MindC
Robb, J.D.Golden In DeathS
Scalzi, JohnThe Consuming FireS
Snowden, Edward J.*Permanant RecordS
Spindler, EricaThe Look-AlikeS
Teillet, Jean*The North-West Is Our MotherS
Tudor, C.J.The Other PeopleC
Welteroth, Elaine*More Than EnoughS
Wills, Jenny Heijun*Older Sister, Not Necessarily RelatedS
Wong, Ali*Dear GirlsS
(LP) Indicates large print  
* Indicates non-fiction  
Titles available January 2020
Authors Titles Library Branch
Aw, TashWe, The SurvivorsS
Bostwick, MarieHope On the InsideS
Burdick, SerenaThe Girls With No NamesS W
Daheim, MaryA Case of BierW (LP)
Davies, Georgina*Infused WatersS
Dimaline, CherieEmpire of WildS
Doughty, Caitlin*Will My Cat Eat My EyeballsS
Farrow, Ronan*Catch and KillS
Ferrante, ElenaThose Who Leave and Those Who StayS
Ferrante, ElenaThe Story of the Lost ChildS
Fisher, TarrynThe WivesS
Hoffman, AliceThe World We KnewC (LP) S W (LP)
Hoover, ColleenRegretting YouS
Jette Knox, Amanda*Love Lives HereS
Johansen, IrisHindsightC S
Johnson, Sara E.Molten Mud MurderW (LP)
Jones, SadieThe SnakesW (LP)
Keneally, ThomasThe Book of Science and AntiquitiesC S
Knight, Philip P.*Shoe DogS
Knight, Sarah*F*ck No!C S
Krentz, Jayne AnnThe VanishingS W
Liu, CixinThe Three-Body ProblemS
Lukas, Kathryn*The Farmhouse Culture Guide to FermentingS
Machado, Carmen*In the Dream HouseS
McGuire, SeananMiddlegameS
Mitchell, ShandiThe Waiting HoursS
Montag, KassandraAfter the FloodW (LP)
Morris, HeatherCilka's JourneyC (LP) S W (LP)
Musser, ElizabethWhen I Close My EyesS
Naslund, BrianBlood Of An ExileS
North, AlexThe Whisper ManS W (LP)
Obreht, TeaInlandS (LP)
Patterson, JamesThe River MurdersS
Patterson, JamesLostS
Price, RosieWhat Red WasS
Raisin, RebeccaThe Little Bookshop On the SeineS
Reid, KileySuch a Fun AgeS
Robotham, MichaelThe Other WifeS
Scalzi, JohnThe Collapsing EmpireS
Segrest, Mab*Memoir Of a Race TraitorS
Shemilt, JaneThe PlaygroundW (LP)
Steel, DanielleMoral CompassS (LP)
Tokarczuk, OlgaFlightsS
Vanderah, GlendyWhere the Forest Meets the StarsW
Wendig, ChuckWanderersS
Wiseman, John*SAS Survival HandbookS
Woods, StuartTreasonS
(LP) Indicates large print  
* Indicates non-fiction  

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